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FIPA-OS is an open source implementation of the mandatory elements contained within the FIPA specification for agent interoperability. In addition to supporting the FIPA interoperability concepts, FIPA-OS also provides a component based architecture to enable the development of domain specific agents which can utilise the services of the FIPA Platform agents. FIPA-OS is an experimental agent framework, originating from research at Nortel Networks Harlow Laboratories in the UK.

The primary aim of FIPA-OS is to reduce the current barriers in the adoption of FIPA technology by supplementing the technical specification documents (available at with managed open source code. It is envisaged that the quality and functionality of this source code will improve by managing its evolution in the public domain, providing mutual benefit to all adopters and enabling progress in the agent paradigm.

Nortel Networks will continue to develop FIPA-OS as a bi-product of collaborative research activities, including European projects, MAPPA and Shuffle.

Developers using FIPA-OS are encouraged to provide extensions, bug fixes and feedback to help improve the planned future releases. Special thanks is extended to the growing list of contributors. FIPA-OS is constantly evolving, so to access up to date information, including downloads, please see the project pages.

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